Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Damn The Decisions

So I've been here for almost 2 weeks now.

First week was mostly about relaxation and home deco, flitering our lungs with fresh breeze from the Bosphorus and getting used to the idea we ain't in Moscow no more.

But we've begun to get down to more serious business. Tolga has started his work deals and my Turkish vocabulary is enriched. We also learned a lot about my stay here in future. You see, Malaysian passport holders are allowed to stay in Turkey for 3 months' duration without visa. Malaysia and Turkey's religious brotherhood ties I suppose, so basically I'm a tourist here. Seems to be my profession nowadays ;)

We went to the Foreign Office and I dislike bureacracy because the departments give me headaches, still we learned much from dropping by. Good news is, I can stay until 3 months period is up, then get an extension for another 3 months without reason of stay. Should I get employed, then I'll be on a working permit/visa.

I won't be an illegal immigrantlahhhhh, sorry to burst your bubbles LOL

I sneaked for this pic.. I know when to be really careful rather than defying authorities

Until I can properly understand and be understood, until I overcome the language barrier.. I don't think I'll be getting a job anytime soon. So yeahhh, I'm on holiday mode whether I like it or not. But guess what is really heart-breaking?

Doctors who are willing to work in Eastern Turkey are paid US$8000 per month.

Eastern Turkey is poor, undeveloped.. an undesirable part to make a living to most people, that's why the government's forking so much for volunteers to serve there. There are also social-cultural tensions with the borderline countries so that's the catch. Just when I thought I struck the jackpot.

It's prolly equivalent to Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders). But I'm pretty sure it'll also be without rooftops, without handphone, without proper foods, without good sleep, without bras and without security.. I'm just kidding :P

US$8000 per month!

US$8000 perrrrrrr month!!!


It's service. It's noble. It's humanatarian work. All in the package of being a doctor. The big plus point is.. a shitload of money! What's there to think about?

I should be on the fucking plane now! I don't mind not wearing bras.

But it really isn't an option for me, is it? I don't know their ways and I'm gonna get rejected anyways! I'm a stylo-milo city girl. So many reasons to dismiss the thought but..

Most of all, most of all..

Love > Money

We can work a life time for money but the one only appears once in our life time. So cheesy, so not me but it's true. So if one day, God forbid, if I'm fucked upside down in the name of love, I'm so gonna break the computer when I read back this post! LOL

As for now, I rest my case :)


chiiliyeow said...

pendatang haram...wuahahahahah

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Pendatang haram LOL
(BM=illegal immigrant)