Saturday, 11 October 2008

The Comrades

Turkish and I enjoy Joanna's company. She is nice, agreeable and very friendly. We left Spartivnaya Hostel to meet her at M.Kitai-Gorod. Initially, our plan was to visit her at Kahovskaya Hostel. She wanted to cook Indian dishes for us but her room her roommate from China was going to stay put in the room so we changed the venue to a music club called Art Garbage for a drink :)

M.Kitai-Gorod seems to be our meeting point LOL

Art Garbage. I give it 4/5 points for food, drinks, atmosphere, staff service and -1 for.. nothing really. I just don't feel like giving full marks! LOL But seriously, this place is highly recommendable for gatherings, birthday parties and meet ups like ours. They have live bands, featured gigs every different days and house DJ spinning for the dance floor. Prices are modest too. In the spring/summer, we shall park ourselves outside. They have lovely veranda seatings with wooden benches and tables. Nice!

Joanna and I *smiles*

Dunno what big discussion going on between them LOL

Joanna started her Ordinatura at the Paediatric Hospital last week. It was really good to hear her version of the story. The Professors and her curator in her words, are "very motherly and sweet". They even told her it isn't necessary to read RUSSIAN textbooks. She can go ahead with English. Her rotation begins at the GI dept., (I guess she's still in the orientation week) she repeats abdominal examinations mostly. No patients yet.

I was pleased to hear about Shilpa, Reshma, Esther, Archana, Sandipan, Nikhil, Ruupak, Avadhut and a few more others passed their MCI exams! :) The exam is said to be extremely tough. Some failed but I'm sure they will re-sit for it.

I knew little about Joanna before this, but now that we have established some sort of connection and closeness between us.. I must say she is a wonderful individual.

Ooohhh, I inherited a Dermatology textbook! Joanna insisted that I keep it because she never had any use for the book anyways. It was a thoughtful gift from her. We made more plans to meet in near future. She told us there is a village outside Moscow created for holiday-makers to experience ancient lifestyle. Like there isn't running water from taps or stove kitchen, prolly no proper flushing toilets too LOL

We are keen to make a trip there. Sounds like fun!

I can't remember what was so funny :P

3 of us outside Art Garbage (open-air seatings in background)

I guess it's just Joanna.. she adds cheer to the evening :)

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