Monday, 6 October 2008

Fast And Easy

In those dreamy days when I was frequent visitor to UK, I compared their foodstuffs and Russia's all the time upon my return. UK is a haven for sweet tooth fairies (like me), truffles, brownies, muffins, soft dough/hard dough cookies and cups of hot chocolate were always a treat. Standing at the aisle of snacks, candies and bakery section always made me want to cry.

UK will always be my love.

And of course, other parts of the world too but since I'm reminiscing, let me be! So what was I going to write about actually.. *trying to recall*.. yes, microwaveable food! Hahahahaa Tesco and Sainsbury's selection of these ohhh-so-yummy meals in a box never failed to satisfy me. Then cups of vanilla Trifles and Mr.Kipling's chocolate slices. OMG! Those days my appetite was sinful :P

Anyways, I dropped by the produkti (Russian=grocery store) near my apartment to grab something for dinner. Boxes of ready-made-meals caught my eye. The empty boxes were always on the wall for display but I never bothered study them. Funny enough, I bought one just to try and it turned out to be rather delicious. Not to say better nor as good as the ones from UK but it was really nice. I bought Lamb with Augergines and Potato Chunks.

Hahahaha I give the packaging 3/5 points

1. Poke holes here and there with the fork

2. Let it spin in the microwave oven for 7 minutes

3. Voila! Dinner is served! I know it looks mushed :P

For a measly 90pyb dinner, I was contented.

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