Sunday, 19 October 2008

Quick Work

Quote of the day : "Our lives will be much better than this" - Turkish

We must be damn eager to shift, we are done packing!

China bags are so handy, I feel like getting a few more!

These cloth bags are superb as well
No weight, keep the clothes clean and easy to store

IKEA boxes always look good, can't have too many of them ;)

The cupboards and drawers are emptied, maybe just some clothes for a few days' change. Things left to pack now are what I dislike most. Those small sized items, deco stuff, mini-mini statues and whatnots. Lucky for me, Turkish said he's got them covered :P

We will only check the studio apartment next Tuesday, but not like we will consider much about it anyways. 90% we will take it. The agent described the place to us and it's also modernly-furnished, it cannot be bad. The last tenant is a single female, an architect meaning it should really be okay. Location is a walk away from M.Barrikadnaya (where the Moscow Zoo is LOL).

2 more days
.. 2 more days!

Hahahahaa I can't really believe we had McDonald's for dinner! Turkish isn't anti-McD's but he prefers not to have fastfood unless it's the last resort, like clueless where to eat. Since there is a branch at M.Ulitsa 1905, we agreed it was the best idea to grab some burgers and return home. We were exhausted to go anywhere else. It was kinda fun actually. We also got a copy of Moscow News :)

Same menu, only in Cyrillic letters!

Featured menu- McGreek and Greek Salad

It's very rare that I go out with glasses :P
But we just ate at the neighbourhood McD's, it's okay

Just Big Mac and Double Cheese for Turkish
I'm loyal to McChicken and French Fries, BBQ sauce is a must

Pretentious boyfriend of mine, he loved it!

He even tried to steal my fry!! LOL

McChicken.. MmmMMmm..
If it isn't so unhealthy, I can eat it on daily basis

Funny thing was, both of us weren't the only one taking pictures in McDonald's! Families with children posed with their Happy Meal toys, posed with their folks.. so we weren't exactly jakuns to be whipping out our camera. I caught the guy next to us shaking his head as though we've never been to McDonald's before.. actually no. This was our first time in a McDonald's restaurant LOL


Krissie said...

Yeah...moving house!! So nice!!! Snap snap snap alot of pictures!!! k k k??? And I can't wait to see how u decorate ur new place :D interior decoration!!!

Anonymous said...

so, u r staying nearer to ur long lost friends. Good for u!! hehe

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Dunnolahhhh.. hopefully can do it by Tuesday. I am sooooo freaking curious. Never lived in studio apartments before LOL

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

What long lost friends.. trying to say I should live in the zoo issit!!

soolynnie said...

Your boyfriend sure eat lots. 2 burgers for goodness sake! Ive met my competitor. hahahhaa

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

2 burgers is nothing, Pretty Soo. I see some fellas at McDonalds who can eat 3 Big Macs.