Thursday, 2 October 2008

Watering Hole

I think Turkish and I have found the ultimate place to eat like pigs, drink like fish (and I don't mean water) and it's 24hours to our convenience. The catch is, reservation has to be made prior to visits. Our previous attempt to walk in spontaneously got us leaving its door the very same minute.

Zolotaya Vobla is THE joint! *screams*

The website is shit though. Layout is soooo sleazy and of course, in Russian. Food turned out to be really yummy and portions were big. Service was excellent. Turkish and I couldn't stop laughing when the waitress canceled our pick of the pizza and suggested a better choice for us. She happily recommended me a less bitter beer (I don't normally drink beer) which turned out to be really yummy as well. Typical interiors like a tavern, but they have many items pinned on the walls and ceilings. Very old items, random too. Pictures, cloths, toys, banners, crafts, posters, art pieces and stuff.

Hahahaha really random stuff, right?

Clockwise: German sausages, Solyanka, our Beers and Salami pizza!

Pictures turned out very dark for some reasons..

.. not like I care why! I had a good time!

Final word, Zolotaya Vobla at M.Kitai Gorod it is! ;)

We might drop by for their super-cheap Breakfast Menu this weekend. OMG. It's so crazy with their selection of sandwiches and eggs all for damn low prices. In fact, I don't know what money are they making. Like I said, food was good and in generous amount. They have promotions and discount at different timing of the day, eg. orders of food from 2am-5pm 20%off, beer during Happy Hour from 5pm-7pm 30% off etc. Two thumbs and two big toes up! LOL

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