Sunday, 26 October 2008

Junk Wheels

Daylight Savings Time ended.

I am 5 hours behind Malaysia as of today.

I was very pleased to have breakfast at Starlite Diner this morning. We couldn't decided what to do until past noon, can you believe it. The Moscow News stand stood empty meaning guide magazines, zilch. We had half the mind to go to the train station and ride to destination anywhere. But Turkish pulled out some old notes from his wallet and the Auto Museum at M.Liublino caught my fancy.

I am not a big fan of cars but a museum of vintage cars located at the outskirts of Moscow sounded fun and it would be another adventure! An adventure alright LOL We got to M.Liublino, got lost and prolly covered the entire district of plain fields, blocks of apartments and busy traffic. We did find the Auto Museum though, it wasn't much of a museum but at least we managed saw something.

M.Liublino (light green line) is located south east of Moscow

Hahahaa freaky picture..
A girl looking on at the boys play Soldiers in the bush

Som billboards and view of the region

Lomakovsky's Auto Moscow Museum. we found you!

The so-called Auto Museum displays less than 20 cars (or maybe 20). Not all are shiny, sparkly and polished. Some are so dusty it couldn't reflect anything. Old style being old style, they differ very much from today's design. Many of the cars have driven historical figures before, drove or owned by them. They could be haunted, my God. Who knows how many Jewish the Germans ran down with in these cars :P

Flash rides locally made by GAZ
They look alot better than today's Lada

Old plates, tools and Soviet collar pins in showcase!

Mercedes Benz for Hitler's boys, the Schutzstaffel (SS)

I was tempted to bag the bottle LOL
The Auto Museum depends quite a bit on donations

Horch - the luxurious, high-performance German cars (long time ago)

Even BMW looked like a tank :P

My boyfriend attended Austrian High School back in Turkey, when he was a student. Since the syllabus were taught in German, he speaks the language. Therefore he has the habit of pronouncing W like "veh" and speak correct German. Hahahaa he sounds very cute.

"Vvvehn was it?" (When was it?)

"It's Behhh-Emmm-Vehhh" (It's BMW/bee-emm-double yew)

"No, you call it Fowl-Vehhh" (VW/German V is pronounced as fowl)

Our Sunday was really alright, in the end. We explored a place I bet no one would bother going LOL M.Lioblino seems to be a nice place but I won't stay there, that's for sure. The Metro ride takes way too long and under-developed. It's not very cool to say I live in M.Lioblino. Hehehe people in this region make very good use of their car though.

Gross.. selling raw meat in the boot!
Exhaust pipe still smoking somemore!

Hahahahaa bootiful of apples! ;)

Most importantly, DO NOT HONK


ZhiHao Chua said...

i think DST ended, not started

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Ooohh, you're right. Thanks for pointing it out :)