Friday, 10 October 2008

Miss Skillful

I'm not sure if I miss the skills or have them.

Later in the evening, in a few hours' time.. Turkish will return from work. He will enjoy a nice dinner prepared by yours truly. Then I will lure him into the bathroom and sit him down in the centre, in front of the huge mirror. I will bring out the tools.

Piece of cloth.

A comb.

Pair of scissors.

I am going to cut Turkish's hair! LOL

I've done it once but unfortunately it was uneven on the top. Fortunately, my boyfriend loves me so much, not only did he not see the catastrophe, he consoled me by saying, "You did a good job, I mean, it was your first time!".

I got complimented for causing this disaster *rofl*
He is so sweet :) I can imagine black pan faces if he were another!!

Hahahahahaa it's better shorter and uneven than having him walk around with Nelson Mandela's hairdo. His hair goes afro if they get any longer. I can't let that happen. Watch out for my post ;)

Perhaps tomorrow. Or maybe Sunday. We have a fun-filled weekend starting in a while (for me :P), then tomorrow 4pm Raya Open House at Spartivnaya Hostel, meeting with Joanna after that and Sunday meeting a family friend of Turkish.


Krissie said...

OMG!!! U are good in cutting hair as well!! Lol...I cant wait to see a Turkish hairdo after this :D Post up some pictures!!!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Where got good! It's always experimental. I'm curious with the pictures too :P