Saturday, 4 October 2008

Green And Gold

Quote of the day : "So easy to bury dead bodies here" - Me

Autumn is here!

The leaves have changed colours and falling to the grounds. Moscow always has something afloat in the air. Leaves now, then snow in winter and pollen in springtime. Summer.. errr.. but the point is, the view is so beautiful this time of the year ;)

Turkish and I turned Russian today. We went to the Sokolniki Park. I think when I finally do leave the country, one of the top things I will miss is this. Parks, trees, families, the serenity of nature and relaxation of this simple activity. The last time I was at M.Sokolniki, it was for Infectious Disease cycle when I waited for the mashrut in front of McDonald's. I never had great memories that place because our cycle (Jan-Feb 2008) was always bitter cold at the ass end of the city.

Park Sokolniki
Garden-park of Arts ince 17th-19th century!

Who else but Lenin's memorial ;)

Upon arrival to the park, I was overwhelmed by the goldenness in the atmosphere. There were many people, old and young alike (younger ones in prams and arms). Horse carriages, pony rides, rollerbladers, kids on scooters, so much motion in sight. But nothing beats the dancing crowd of old folks in open air, in broad daylight. I was amazed but couldn't stop laughing at the grannies and gramps getting their groove on like 1950s. Seriously. Kudos for some who don't have joint restrictions, they spun from one end to the other LOL

Grandpa's still got his moves, okay!

We were told by nosy ladies that this granny in red is 83!

I wanna keep a horse too! Great animal to exploit LOL

You see, Sokolniki Park is so huge.. it is 4 times huger than Hyde Park in London. Turkish told me that it is one of the oldest recreational parks in Moscow. Back then in the ancient times, the Tsars used to hunt falcons here. The word "sokol" means falcon. Not to say I saw any of them but pigeons and sparrows :P

As we explored farther into the heart of the park, I fell totally in love with the place. Birch, maple, pine and other weird looking trees looked more and more beautiful. Branches of the willow draped and danced in the wind. Damn I wished I had brought my art tools! There were many photographers with their SLRs rolling on the lawn, kneeled on the ground, bent 70degrees over and/or under to capture the picturesque view. Hahahahaa nice.

Bah! My face is so big LOL

Turkish likes to kick the scattered leaves..

.. I put them to a better use! LOL

An abandoned building Turkish insisted on checking out
I yelled, "Didn't watching Supernatural taught you anything??"

The theme park, Attrapark here is by far the most fun-looking I've ever been to. Well, Gorky Park is something else.. half the time it's empty. Turkish and I went on the Ferris Wheel (not as big as the one in VDKNH). Quite nice, though it was rather windy when we were at the peak! I think must be my age.. getting old, heart weakening.. I nearly frozed when the wagon shook LOL The management seriously need to fucking lubricate whatever that's causing the shake. Bloody hell LOL

Hahahahaa funny angle of Turkish's head and the wheel

The view of the bottom, it wasn't as empty as it looks

I like this picture.. in fact Wikipedia has a similar one
But mine is nicer :P

Tomorrow there's a Photo Hunt by MMCU. I told Alex I'd like to take part weeks ago. It was postponed to this weekend actually. Weather forecast predicted an excellent day with bright sun and warm temp. Grrrrrreat outing for us ;)

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