Friday, 3 October 2008

Translated Images

I don't know why I dream so much lately. Not day-dreaming but those in my sleep. Not nightmares, just incoherent thoughts.. what? Like buried inside my head? Sometimes I dream of the weirdest situation I can't even imagine when awake, faces I have never seen before and other times I dream about my friends and the past.

After leaving high school, I came to Russia. Most of my dreams were of my ex-schoolmates in uniforms within the school compound and myself in it. Now that I am done with the Academy, the dreams have shifted to my ex-batchmates and very random pictures of places, speech and stuff. Hahahahaa it's rather amusing what my mind can conjure.

I am infamous for my sleep behaviour. Roommates I previously co-inhabited with still tease me about my sleeptalking habits, grunts and mumbles in the middle of the night. I may be one of the very few who admit that I snore in my sleep. You know how fucked up when you're half asleep, half awake.. like still semi-conscious to your surroundings? I could actually HEAR myself snoring like a pig breathing loud and heavily.

Not too often, but I do, dream of my loved ones who are no longer on this plane. I dreamed of Daddy every other night, especially the first 6 months after his passing. In the beginning, it was difficult for me to see him in my dreams. I wake up crying, sobbing like mad and having to go to class with puffy eyes isn't pretty LOL Now I'm used to it and sometimes, I do look forward to catch a glimpse of him.

And I always call Mummy to share my experience.

When Mummy was pregnant with Fats last time, we had an Indian washerwoman whom we fondly called, Aci. She took care of our laundry in our house. She was a petite, hard-working and wore a loose bun (maybe the hair got messy from scrubbling LOL). I remember every Deepavali, she brought us murukus and coconut sweets. No, she didn't wash our clothes on this day. She was just very sweet to come leave the gifts. She has a daughter who was studying Law at that time and a husband who drinks too much todi.

Last week, maybe 2 weeks ago.. I dreamed of Aci. She was glowing in a beautiful, yellow saree (I have never, ever imagined Aci so glam) and 2-3 elephants in the background. I was waiting alone at the pavement when Mummy went around the corner to get the car. That was when Aci showed up, spoke to me in what I believe was Tamil. Her hand-flinging-to-the-back gesture was as if she was leaving, or trying to tell me she was going somewhere. I can't remember the rest of the dream.

My verdict is that, Aci might have passed on. Not like I'm cursing her or anything but what are the odds right? Mummy said it might be possible. She was prolly 50 when she worked for us, plus minus 20 years.. she should have been closed to 70. Similarly I have dreamt of my maternal grandma once, my grand-aunt twice but like every other, they were always smiling and looked pleasant.

So what is it with these dreams?

Last night, I dreamt of an old friend/acquaintance/maybe someone my mind made up. It was so freaking vivid, I am confused if I did know this person at all. We were sitting in a cafe, chit-chatting but everything seemed so familiar yet with no trace of memory whatsoever with this person.
As much as I tried, the face starts to fade away and perhaps I should let it go.

I'm so weird.

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