Sunday, 12 October 2008

Massive Sunday

Quote of the day : "I do study, you know but it's Sunday" - Myself

I didn't imagine that our Sunday would be so rich!

From meeting with Turkish's family friend, our exploration in Kitai-Gorod district and a spontaneous visit to an art gallery we stumbled upon! :) Turkish's family friend is around his father's age, kind of like an uncle to him. We waited for him at M.Prospekt Mira, anticipating his Mercedes to show up at the parking lot in front of Olympiskii Plaza. At first glance, he reminded me of Mr.Magoo.

We had late lunch at Vapiano. Both of them were busy catching up on 101 things about each other, mainly about Turkish and I joined the conversation once in a while, talk about Malaysia and us in general.
I guess because he treats Turkish like his son, he was extremely happy to see us together. I like his soft-spokenness. Good man. Food was delicious, Caesar Chicken and Prawn Salad, Seafood Lasagna and Pizza "Salsiccia". Ooohhhh-so-yummy.. I was busy stuffing my face :P

An Italian joint opened by Germans LOL

"I am very happy to see you", he said to me

We parted and guess what, instead of our usual Costa Coffee Sundays.. Turkish postponed his free drink redemption today. We finally tested a cuppa at Coffee Bean (Ulitsa Pokrovka branch). I was only being adventurous. Though mistakenly so. We were happy with our drinks, but indoor seating was packed. They have free Wi-fi AND plug points for laptop chargers. Obviously the patrons spend hours there without budging. The air is stuffy.. almost smelly even.

Bad, bad, bad!

Turkish collected his Latte and I had quite a special drink called Baked Cortado. A sweet coffee beverage but I must say I prefer my average Mocha. Or Latte. Maybe a Cappuccino. We sat outside.. luckily it wasn't so cold despite the slight drizzle. Hehehee I liked the view from where we sat though, a T-junction looking at drenched pedestrians crossing and old, young ladies alike walking with their umbrellas.

Queue was too long, only 2-3 baristas serving

Turkish placing orders for us :)

This is one slow-poke barista, I felt like strangling him

I was only kidding LOL

Rattan chairs, iron grill fences, wet roads.. nice view ;)


Krissie said...

Nice...a relaxing sunday, but i guess it was a blessed one. The nicest thing that u would wanna do is to spend time with ur love ones :) hhmm..i was thinking, If I were to go to moscow for Amanda's wedding, u can bring me to that coffee bean!! haha.... :p

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Haaaa! Amanda getting married??

Krissie said...

Haha....I will attend watever celebration including amanda's marriage, convocation, full month of her baby bla bla bla...hahahaha

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hehehehe then be more specificlahhh. I thought Amanda's getting married here. Then I must self-invite ;)