Tuesday, 7 October 2008


My very first picture taken at my workplace ;)

Not to say very nice also LOL

When I take picture in the department.. I feel like a pervert. I can't bring my phone out in the open, camera is even more out of the question. It's considered unorthodox, unethical.. whatever they call it. Russians generally feel offended if one takes their picture without permission. Even if the camera's not aimed at their direction.

I'm also not sure how my peers will see me. As it is, a few of my colleagues are irritating bitches I would so like to kick not so friendly. It's a lot of cartoonic actions, their mimicry and body language. I found it hilarious to be in the Male Ward with them. The saner Ordinaturas are at the Female Ward. Only yesterday, our Marta the Monitor and a group of them were grouped at the corridor for what it seemed, a private discussion. Then they all marched in and Marta announced this:

"Each one of you pay up 500pyb for the Dezhurnei Vrach (Russia=On-call doctor) who will have to stay on the 31st December. It's the New Year's Eve and prolly nobody would be willing to take the shift. The sum will come up to more than 10,000pyb and it'll be for the Ordinatura who volunteers".

Firstly, I will not stay behind, in front or side by side on this day because I am going back to Malaysia for Christmas and return in mid-January. That also means that I am not even qualify to volunteer. Plus, the money part.. it doesn't really sound right. Is it like some kind of bribery? I'm telling you, some of these know-it-all smart asses must have come up with this idea. Most of these girls I'm working with, they are elite Russians. Outfit wise.. all branded. Bags and shoes ranging from Chanel to Gucci, Prada and LV. They are very polished, typical rich dolls. Most of them drive and I'm not seeing Lada.

Marta the Monitor explaining the 500pyb per person deal


Sharini said...

wat happens if you dun pay d 500 rubles?

Reens said...

Who are these bitches? You let me know, I'll come up to russia and kick their ni krasivie faces! Nyaaaaa I have rage issues! You take all the photos you like babes. I'm with you on this! Enjoy yourself! 10k rubes is not enough. Don't stick around for that lousy, dirty money.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I will be an outcast, unwilling to cooperate and deem unfit LOL

I guess makes me an opposition party. Instead of ISA, KGB will knock on my door ;)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Yes, Pisa. I shall intro you to everyone of them. We can laugh at their pretty stupid faces.