Sunday, 5 October 2008

Red Bricks

Quote of the day : "Being in THE building was the best part of the exhibition" - Turkish

What a way to spend Sunday! I think this should be the last bright and warm weekend. Too bad MMCU's Photo Hunt was called off. In the change of events, Turkish and I headed on to Starlite Diner for brunch. My boyfriend hit the motherload at the entrance! He swept Moscow Times, Moscow News, October issue of Passport and Where magazines!

So we flipped the pages over our sandwiches, eggs and coffee.. until Turkish excitedly suggest we visit the Gagosian Gallery, held at the Krasny Oktyabr Chocolate Factory! I mean, the factory is one of the famous-est landmarks of the city and that piece of land itself is worth billions. It doesn't produce chocolates anymore. The both of us were amazed nonetheless because we got to enter the 141-year-old red building! I always wondered how would it look like inside.. and today I got the answers ;) Very old, classic.

Staircase of Krasny Oktyabr Chocolate Factory
At a minor section of the building actually..

Hahahaaha Turkish and the toilet.. gotta love the tiles

Look at the style of the floor.. you can tell it's ancient

Of course, the 3rd Floor was renovated for the Gagosian Gallery but they didn't remove/replaced every tile and tilt. This part of the building look presentable enough to hold an exhibition or two. Oooohhh, guess what. Entrance is free and photographs allowed for this contemporary art exhibition! Like I confessed earlier, I have a liking for works of the modern mind (after Good stuff! ;) But it's so funny that most of the pieces are "Untitled". I bet the artists themselves don't know what they came up with LOL

2006 Jeff Koon's "Baroque Egg With Bow"
Awwww.. the cutest display at the exhibition!

It's not a satelite dish, thats for sure
2008 Anish Kapoor's "Untitled"

Very clever astral effect of holey mirrors

1998 Louise Lawler's "Something About Time
And Space But I'm Not Sure What Is It (More)"

Another "Untitled" by Wade Guyton, 2007
Seriously, paintings like this make my day LOL

It wasn't just the art. I was attracted to the presence of the 101 security guards within the vicinity and objects at every corner that belong in the antique shops. The tall windows overlooking the factory compound gave us quite a view and we even saw vaccum shafts that connects to the next building! Sighhh.. why did they shut down the factory. Writers described in the confectionary's heydays, "strong and sweet-smelling aroma" could be caught from across the Moscow River. Ohhh well.. I wanna sniff it too!

No, this clock doesn't work LOL

In case of fire, call 5-86
Workers back then were brave, safety entrusted with this!

We left via the lift, nice button LOL

I think it's rather obvious that we were more into whatever that was left of the factory more than the exhibition, if not, as much. Moscow has many great buildings for landmarks, in fact all over Russia you can always find an infrastructure to gawk at. When Jason and Reena do return for a visit, CJ Tours shall be alive once more ;)

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