Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Happy Home

Quote of the day : "The driver can drop you to the Metro station in the mornings, we can leave the house together after a nice breakfast" - Turkish

The studio apartment is perfect. It's furnished but not that modern. Reminds me of my ex-apartment on Nikulinskaya Ulitsa (with Pisa and Boss) except ours have new wallpapers. The kitchen is very spacious! I like. The bed is exactly like the example picture I posted a couple of entries back.

In a separated space! :)

We need to add in wardrobes and clear the place. It's quite a mess. No previous tenants who moved out can be bothered to tidy up anyways. But overall, we really like the apartment and by next week, we should be moved in already. There is Internet cable and Internet TV suscription too! I can watch English movies un-dubbed with Russian language!

However, the location isn't close to the Moscow Zoo. I doubt the agent's skills to navigate because we are like 6-7 blocks away from the animals. We are near the Roman Catholic Cathedral though. I don't think that place is much heard about but it's beautiful, we shall visit it some time. I still can't make out the location because we went there by car and it was dark. I think transportation isn't a problem at all.

This weekend, where else but..

Definitely 1-2 paychecks!
My boyfriend shouldn't have given me the green light LOL


chiiliyeow said...

post more about your studio once you got it fully furnished!! :) can't wait for it!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Yes, yes. I will! I can't wait too LOL