Saturday, 25 October 2008

Future Showtimes

Quote of the day : "We buy tickets for December" - a parent on the queue

So we kept walking towards Svetnoi Bulvar right, and guess what we discovered? I never imagined we would make so much discoveries by just walking!

Durov's Wild Animal Theatre

My eye caught the blue building with bronze animal statues on its roof on Ulitsa Durova. We walked over and found out that it is none other than the very famous Durov Animal Theatre! I could vaguely remember the name of this circus/animal show.. maybe I don't at all because of its lack of advertisement but it's definitely famous with the locals alright.

Why else would tickets be sold out till the next month?

Turkish and I just jumped into the bandwagon and followed the crowd to queue. All tickets for October and first week of November are sold out LOL Seriously, this circus has to be really good. We purchased 2 tickets for 9th November (the next day is RnB Festival :P) and I so can't wait! The name of our show is "Around the World Without Tickets" and it's held at the Big Stage meaning a lot of animals will be performing.

A modest ticket counter

Even more modest tickets (tore with ruler LOL)

We returned home and surfed about the Durov Dynasty. They sure have a long history. It's a family business that ran from generation to generation, with skills and the gift to tame animals. They claim their training methods are different, without any for of punishments but giving treats to the trainees. One has to be really gifted to train wild beasts and domestic animals alike, that's for sure.

Old newspaper cutting of Vladmir Leonidovich Durov

So cute ;)

My guess is that this show will be solely about animals, not like the average circus shows with clowns and acrobats and trapeze, or like gala shows. I have a strong feeling about this. Unbelievable.. tickets sold out and I overheard people in the queue buying tickets for December. Hot seats! This is in higher demand for RnB Festival, moo!


~fall3n ang3l~ said...

no way!!!!
tell me how to reach there)) i wanna go too)))

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Oooohhh, yes way! From the exit of M.Svetnoi Bulvar, turn left and just keep walking straight.

The address is Dom 4 Ulitsa Durova. You can't miss the blue building with animal statues (and the smell LOL).