Sunday, 12 October 2008

Random Route

Whenever at M.Kitai-Gorod, we usually take the exit on Moreseika Street (eg. to meet Joanna on both accounts, when we went to Zolotaya Vobla, Eric Kayser, the Babylonian restaurant, Godiva Chocolate parlour etc). Staring at the T-junction gave Turkish a visual bearing of the district. He said we should explore the other end to Solyanka Street.

Hahahahaa so off we went, charging into elite homes and office buildings decorated with sculptures on their fa├žade. I had no idea where we were but there were always families taking walks on the pavements. Turkish and I sneaked into weird-looking sidestreets and ventured into private properties :P Even though weeds were growing into/out from the cracked walls of empty buildings, the oldness of the area gave us a sense of serenity. Must be the rain. Wet roads LOL

I think it's time for an SLR camera investment ;)

An old, abandoned wagon! I wanted to climb on it LOL

Look how this tree. Hmmmm.. interesting, eh?

Graffitti of Orange Revolution! Hiok, hiok, hiok!

A monastery

My camera seems to be faulty. Pictures are blurry, unlike last time. Turkish dropped it twice on the ground, I think I dropped thrice only. But Sony makes durable gadgets what. It should be okay *shrugs*. Anyways, we kept on walking until we reached the Solyanka Street. First thing which caught my eye was the Art Gallery LOL The poster showed 3 exhibitions and today is the last day. Within the next few minutes..

2 tickets purchased.

Jackets left in cloakroom.

WC visited.

We were already on the stairs to the 1st Exhibit in the basement LOL

Hahahahaa not a very good angle :P

Turkish reading the label for this butty sculpture attentively

Uhhh.. I don't know. Just messin' around! LOL

And then the 2nd Exhibition by artists from early 20th Century.

The curator who couldn't be bothered with our nonsense

Cute illustration of the Russian samovar :)

Oooohhh.. shadings of watercolours on paper
One of the many brilliant works of Boris Knoblok (1930)

A rather naughty sketching of Elizabeth you-know-who LOL

Drawings like this give me motivation ;)

"Our Russian Germans of 20th Century"

Lastly, a simple Photography Exhibition by a globetrotter.

Traveling and photography just comes hand in hand, naturally

Turkish sat in the middle of the room like a director LOL

But I prefer to pose for pictures LOL

Bird's eyeview of the heart of Moscow..

.. can it get anymore Russian when you spot an Olga LOL

By the time we were done, it was dark outside. We headed home with the satisfaction of leaving our footsteps all over Kitai-Gorod and our visit to Na Solyanke Art Gallery. I had a lot of fun, and I have a funny feeling we might be do activities like this at other districts LOL There are a lot of nice places in the city we have yet to see! And we will :)

I really think it's time for an SLR ;)

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