Saturday, 11 October 2008

Open House

Quote of the day : "I'm healthy now, I can drink (booze)" - Jess

The Spartivnaya Hostel folks held a Raya Open House/Hostel today at 4pm. Jacintha (Jess) was the one who invited me and Alex too, had informed me about it last week. I took this opportunity to bring Turkish to have a taste of the festive celebration and Malaysian food.

Hahahahaha it's like going to work on a Saturday. The route is 95% the same except I didn't make Turkish cross the road on Abrikosovsky Pereulok to my Dermatology Department. But at least he knows now where I spend 5 days a week, 9am-2pm!

Jess played very good host to us, we left our jackets and stuff in her spacious room (she's roommates with Wendy and Joey). The juniors had to queue while 6th Year students were given priorities to be served beforehand. I was damn embarrassed when these cartoons saw me coming and greeted loudly, "OOOOHHHHH, SUPER SUPER SENIOR!! WELCOME, WELCOME!!". Hehehehe it was funny to hear ;)

I don't know why my camera wasnt working properly. These are all the pictures I managed to take. Sigh.

Some video was projected on A2 papers LOL

Turkish getting his portions, verrry generous scoopings

Air Bandung - rose extract cordial drink mixed with milk

In the girls' room, Priscilla came too

Hustler Wendy playing Online Poker LOL

It was really nice to see familiar faces: Deh Sze, Dinesh, Davina, Meng Hwa and others. I introduced Turkish to most of them and we had short talks. They asked about my PG life, to which I gladly shared.
wanted to knock on more doors of the people I know but time was running short. We were going to meet Joanna at 730pm.

Turkish enjoyed the food very much. There were Kunyit Rice, Chicken Rendang, Fried Chicken, Ketupat with Peanut Sauce, a special mixed dish of Fish Floss, Cucumber and Cabbage strips.. I can't remember the name. All tasted very nice and Turkish said bright pink Air Bandung tasted like Kid's Milk LOL

Too bad the event didn't last till the end. Around 5pm, the Commander Lady came in to evacuate everyone. Some other residents had booked the room for a birthday party. But the committee handled the situation brilliantly in the last 20minutes. They quickly tapau-ed the food in styrofoam packages, distributed just as quickly and cleared the place before visitors left the building.

Very efficient ;)


wicrap said...

good food good food.
i'll have my portion later.

raya at hostel..woohoo

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Ehhh, I read the news yesterday. In Volgo, a son stabbed the mother in the chest many times because of her witchcraft.

True, ah?

wicrap said...

dunno wo..didnt hear bout it.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Be careful. You're in Volgo LOL

wicrap said...

hehe..thanks for the warning.
Moscow aint anywhere far in terms of security.
just be careful la everyone...

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I meant the witchcraft!

Hahahahaa you might be seen doing the nasty with who you think is a babe, but she's really a babushka :P

wicrap said...

eeeee..geli la u

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

First day know me aahhh :P