Saturday, 18 October 2008

Backup Plans

Apartment checking has been postponed to next Tuesday.

This evening, Turkish and I checked out a beer place called 33Zuba, which turned out two ways. Nice and not nice. The place is nice for private gatherings, night out with a group of friends for cheap beer and food but the not nice part is that, orders take too freaking long to come. The interiors look pretty cheesy, like those lounge in very, very old hotels. Very woody, leathery and empty.

We should have known.. dodgy entrance LOL

I'm not sure what it's called 33Teeth in English, but their logo is a shark and there is a set of shark's jaw on the wall. As friendly as service may be, it's just too damn slow. We gave their house brew specialty a try, Menthol Beer and Pomegranate Beer. They tasted so-so. We waited 45minutes for our Buffalo Wings and when they finally appeared, we had expected a dozen (at least). Imagine my frustration- only 6 pieces of shrunken wings were lined on the plate.

And seriously.. green beer?

Turkish and I *giggles*

Live music, courtesy of this bald man

Tell me if this plate of Buffalo Wings is worth the wait?

It happens. Turkish is tolerant to bad servies but I prefer to let the management know that I am an unsatisfied customer. Like when our 2nd beer didn't show up, it went down like this:

Me : We ordered our beer but cancel it. Bring the bill.

Waitress : But it's ready *she peered at the bar..*

Me : Why you didn't bring it? Just cancel it. I waited too long.

Waitress went to check with the bartender.

Another Waiter: Do you still want your beer?

Me : After an hour? No thank you. Bill, please.

From M.Chistye Prudy, we took an evening stroll towards M.Tsvetnoi Bulvar. It was close to 9pm and the nightlights of the district were brightly lit. Turkish suggested we drop by Bookafe, a joint we visited once, in the beginning of our relationship. Hahahaa sound so long time ago. The night was very peaceful for some reasons, with modest pedestrians on the sidewalks and flashy cars cruising by.

A very cute billboard (of a bank) which I liked

Not so strangers in the night.. dadadi, dada, lovers at first sight.. LOL

I seem to have a liking for road signs lately :)

And yeahhh, we turned right into Tsvetnoi Bulvar

Yuri Nikulin's bronze statue and his car outside Moscow Circus

Moscow Circus since 1880 - classic!

Bookafe is very unique in the sense that, they have English books all over the place. The racks accomodate, I'd say about 100 books? Ranging from Fashion to Nature, Biographies to Home Design etc. The last time we were here, the thick cover reading materials were relatively new. Now they are so worn out and pages stained with Ketchup LOL Food is rich in variety, slightly pricey but okay. I had a very yummy Pina Colada, Turkish had warm Rum-Toddy and we shared a Russian dessert called Syrniki.

The side of the cafe

I picked the heaviest one which caught my eye!

Good stuff!

Turkish went to choose one too

He didn't pick this one, I was only curious about it LOL

We read this to get ideas to deco our new apartment ;)

I present you.. Russian's *thumbs up* Syrniki
Quark/cottage cheese pancakes dipped in cream. Love it!

I don't know why my boyfriend is smelling his Rum-Toddy

And now, smelling me LOL

Although 33Zuba was a flop, it didn't dampen our moods on a Saturday night. Simply by walking hand in hand on the streets of Moscow, checking into a different cafe afterwards made a huge difference to how the night ended. I don't think we will be doing much for the next few days apart from packing up! :)

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