Friday, 17 October 2008

Size Matters

Quote of the day : "Congratulations! You are a good doctor" - Aya

I am in an extremely good mood because a series of pleasant events took place! They make me feel that my existance in this world isn't a waste of oxygen and I serve a purpose. Hahahaha I am SO dramatic. I look forward to serving more patients. Period ;)

It is Prof.Kochergin's birthday today but I don't know how old is he. I wished him well and we had a small chat. He gave me hinters about a couple of topics and we will meet patients next Monday. I must say I truly enjoy my work in the Department. Those selected colleagues of mine seem to be less bitchy, which is a good thing too.


Turkish and I will check out 2 apartments tomorrow. We might be shifting house! Our current crib is located at M.Ulitsa 1905. It's nice, modernly-furnished and all but what I don't like is the size. It is a 4-room apartment. First, let me clarify the terms.

A 4-room apartment means it has 3 bedrooms+living room.
In Russia, living room can be a bedroom. Install a sofa-bed/divan.

Unlike in Malaysia, we understand that a 4-room apartment naturally comes with 4 bedrooms+living room. It would be a culture shock to live in the living room.

Whichever the term, we just don't need such a big place. We share one bedroom, the 2nd one is empty (Turkish's colleague resigned and left) and the 3rd room is a guestroom but we use it to hang our laundry. The living room is spacious, so is the kitchen. Bottomline is..


The shift might be drastic though.

One unit is a studio apartment and the other, a 2-room apartment (which is perfect for us). But I don't know. Turkish says it's entirely up to me. I wouldn't mind the studio apartment because of its (better) location. As long as the kitchen is divided with a wall, I'd nod immediately. I really hope good chi will follow and we can move as soon as possible, before our visit to Malaysia.

I can't wait to get my hands on decorations LOL

Perfect example of a 1-room apartment ;)


Krissie said...

Nice apartment!! post more of ur selection and let us choose!! lovely!!!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hahaahaa I sure hope both units are nice. We'll see :)