Thursday, 30 October 2008

Either Ways

My father's words, in memory : "Your mum always pretended she couldn't eat much, like she keeps a tight figure, but every time when I turned away for a while and look back at the plate, it's empty".

I forgot to write that I was picked up by a Russian at M.Park Kultury, sometime last week. Maybe the week before. I was waiting for the train by my loneself and suddenly I was approached by this young man..

Unknown : Pryvet, where are you headed?
Me : What?

I took off my earphones. I thought he was asking for directions, but it was rather noisy since the train arrived on the other platform so I had to strain my senses.

Me : What did you say?
Unknown : I noticed you from there. Where are you from?

Hahahahaaa he is actually hitting on me.

Me : How old are you?
Unknown : Uhhhh.. 19 *gave me a wide grin*
Me : You can be my small brother. What happened to your hand?
Unknown : Injury from sports *his hand wore a cast*
Me : Football?
Unknown : Boxing

What a turn off. The train arrived and we both boarded the wagon. He's got some balls for wanting to continue the conversation when I was obviously uninterested. He kept grinning at me, which was irritating me at some point.

Unknown : Vot, tak.. I am..
Me : It is very strange to befriend someone in public
Unknown : You mean in the Metro? Or on the streets?
Me : Both, it is just strange for me
Unknown : Tak.. (Tak is a Russian style of saying "So..")
Me : I'm going out now, take care and da svidania.

Unknown had his handphone whipped out already but I guess he sort of knew asking for my number would be a futile effort so he backed off, disappearing behind the wagon's closed doors. I felt a bit bad for the dejected look on his face. Young or old, he's a stranger and could be dangerous!

I told this to Turkish later in the evening and he said I should be flattered because it means that I still look young. Hahahahaaa I said I should feel offended, this dude might like older women.


~fall3n ang3l~ said...

wow... nice story..
well, yea, u should be careful.. somehow, a girl.. wait, an attractive girl like u, alone in the metro... a guy hitting on u...
sounds romantic, but dangerous too...
maybe ur bf should get u a pepper spray for bd too))
n, ps. i stand by ur bf..hahahaha...

wicrap said...

why cast n boxing is a turn off?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hahahahaa good idea, ang3l. I'll ask my bf to get one for me!

But I have a phobia with pepper spray. I always feel the attacker will grab it from me and spray my eyes instead!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

And Wi, I find boxing a violent sport.

My professor once said, men are very stupid animals to get their heads hit till they get neuropathies later in life. Or lose a ear LOL