Monday, 20 October 2008

Cry Outloud

Mondays are usually very interesting. The department is always busy, extra noises, a lot of work, conversations are within ear shots and new patients. Challenging cases pour in at the beginning of the week, as though the patients feel that it's goddamn time to get treated but after the weekend first.

Hehehee there was an extremely embarrassing (and loud) episode today, which was rather uncalled for, I feel. Lab tests of this particular male patient came in around noon. He has volcanic eruptions on his face for many months, like really bad acne problem.

Dr.Gabovskaya read the tests and went berserk.

Dr.G : What! How is this possible? Your tests show that you have intestinal flora on your face! Don't you wash after going to the toilet? Haaaa?

Patient : Yes, I wash.

Dr.G : Then why do they find Enterococci on your face! Haaaaa? *shaking her head*

Patient : .....

Whole room - awkwardly silent.

Me - laughing inside. OMG. Was that screaming even necessary?

Dr.Grabovskaya might as well ask,

"Did you smear shit on your face?"

That wouldn't have caused so much tension in the room LOL Poor fella.

But this is how Russians roll. Screaming. Doesn't matter if it results a positive outcome or none at all, but by raising the voice till kingdom come simple gives the screamer a satisfaction. And every Russian has the right to shout. The entire female race in the country especially crooked old grannies. Men do it too, but not as common.

Since I started my Ordinatura, I haven't been scolded nor received any sarcastic remarks from the doctors YET (I hope it stays that way!). In fact, it's a bit weird to be receiving compliments and pats on my back from them. I mean, it's nice but also not very nice so often in front of my colleagues. Maybe because I'm the only English-speaking foreigner.. when I perform well, they become awestruck.

Like a blind man driving without crashing the car.

Or a mute giving a speech on New Year's Eve dinner.

Something like that :)

This is Nina, with her acne-faced patient
I think she was preparing solutions for him

Warning: Below is a classic picture of a bare bodied patient
who has Plaque Psoriasis for the past 2 years WITHOUT treatment.

BUTTERFLY, do not scroll down.

I repeat, DO NOT scroll down.

Others may feel free to do otherwise.

80% of his body has raised and inflamed skin with silvery
scales covering them. You don't want to see him without underwear


Anonymous said...

wah , such serious chronic "acute flare" !

systemic steroids given in such case, argh?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Corticosteroids combo, PUVA therapy and vitamins. I didn't see his case history, not entirely sure of the specific meds he's prescribed.

Funny thing about this man is, he comes in for check up with the same shirt. He doesn't even change his shirt!

Viroshini said...

CJ!!! favourite dermatologist in the making...reading your day and thoughts...arrrghh.
love you babe

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Ooohhhh.. Vv Wunderbar!!
Miss you muchos, muchos! Do come back and read more of my days and thoughts. Love you loads.