Monday, 6 October 2008

Monday Blues

Quote of the day : "She (Dr.Grabovskaya) is in control now, you know, she feels the paahhhwerrr (power)" - Iasonas

Patients, patients and more patients. Not that I wanna complain about work, I enjoy examining every kind of diseases we can get. It's just that writing Case History in Russian isn't easy. Trust me when I say, to diagnose is not as difficult as filling in the paperworks LOL But I am always thankful to Aya, Nina and the other nice colleagues who assist me. Dr.Grabovskaya is a real darling. She encourages me alot. I wish she would be the Chief of the Department, not temporary!

I'm not sure what my ex-batchmates are going through in Malaysia, most of them are still waiting for letters or to attend the induction course. But from what I have heard from Viro and Praveen, it's all day, all night kinda of matter. I shouldn't even begin to whine here! Hehehehe I remember being nasty to some of my friends in Australia and UK, when they told me how damn cold it was at 20-26C in winter. I scoffed and said how we ain't about to complain our -30C in Moscow. What the fuuuuuck LOL

Speaking of which, I feel sorry for a patient of mine - Usanov Vladimir. 57 years old and suffers from itch. Itch as in all over his body, especially both legs in the night. He can't sleep. Wakes up in the morning with swollen tibials from intensive scratchings. His blood analysis, urine, ECG, et cetera show that he is almost 100% healthy. But of course, without rats, no rice will spill from the sack. He has chronic pancreatitis, chronic gastroduodenitis, chronic prostatitis, chronic colitis and acute hepatitis (1997). Pleasant man, soft-spoken but with so many chronic diseases, just the itch is considered minor problem in my opinion. It could be a lot worse.

Usanov Vladimir signing some documents
Right corner is Dr.Grabovskaya (my current idol LOL)

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