Saturday, 25 October 2008

Spell Spontaneity

My boyfriend is so good at cheering me up, I swear I love his optimistic character. We might not be moving into the studio apartment we set our minds to earlier. The bloody owner who returned from Egypt decided he wants to raise the rent to 40,000pyb (RM5248) per month. 1-room apartment for that price? In Malaysia we could rent a mansion with swimming pool for less.

On a brighter note, Turkish suggested we visit The Garage, a contemporary art gallery on this sunny day. It is located 20mins walk away from M.Novokuznetskaya and we need the sunshine to aid our good feet. The whole district reminded me of some other European city, really. I didn't feel like I was in Russia though Turkish claimed the contrary. The residential buildings were fancy, trolleybus lines zig-zagged metres above the ground but much later I figured out why I felt that way.

No Lada in sight (maybe 1 in 15 vehicles).

Very interesting looking apartment.. can't we rent here?

Sweet angels guarding the entrance of the apartments

Meet Baks, the foot-long lizard placed in a Paediatric Clinic

And also the street pussy, which tailed us for a while LOL

We did reach The Garage, I was damn happy that I recognised the old bus station (with makeover) like I saw on the newspapers except the down side was.. it was closed. WTF. I guess with the economic crisis and Roman Abramovich's badly hit, Ms.Zhukova better take a break. Abramovich can't afford to buy her millions, billions or gazillion worth of dollars for her collection right now.

These times are harsh for everyone..

.. that was why we made a U-turn into Ulitsa Sovietskoi Army to the Ekaterinsky Park. It's free, it's beautiful and great spot for photography. And what do ya' know, it's located at the end of the street where we attended TB classes in our 6th Year. That was one helluva cycle! ;) Sometimes I really think, one can recover humanity from visiting these recreational parks, surrounded by nature and families, children especially. For some reasons, they're always seen running around with the brightest clothings. Hehehee cute.

Good spot! Assembly of Ekaterin Institute
Since 2nd half of 18th century-1st half of 19th century

Layout of the park.. quite a huge park I must say

One of the many Soviet/propaganda signs all over the park LOL

Turkish reaching for an apple :P

Hehehee cartoonic graffiti on the eletric room

The north exit of the park leads to the Olympiskii Stadium!

I love autumn, it's just so damn beautiful :)

Scenic photographers usually take pictures like this
I wanted to practice/make believe with mine :P

This duck is definitely not affected by the bad economy LOL


W1 said...

cheer up .

~fall3n ang3l~ said...

nice..well, at least u have had a nice day out)))
btw, i like the photo of u sitting by the bank of the lake, under the tree..
the sunlight was gorgeous.. n well, of course, the lady too)


Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Leed Wi : Yes, yes. I know you can copy my spelling LOL

Fallen Angel : I really enjoyed the nice day out, the weather was lovely. Thank you for the compliments!

xacan said...

nice photos:)

chiiliyeow said...

Hey! love the colors and contrast of the leaves la.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Volgo trees all botak already issit? :)

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