Thursday, 11 September 2008

Winners Wanted

Quote of the Day: "We are foreigners, re. We can do anything we want" - Iasonas

People are sucker for adorable creatures. Most of the time you see/hear passersby go "Awww.." and "Aaahhhh.." at them. But must I say that lately I have been seeing miniature dogs which I find rather distasteful. Dogs should be dogs. Puppies can be small. Those carried in handbags are confused whether they are rodents or canines.

Anyways, Leed Wi wrote the other day on "My Published Work" that he submitted a picture to The Star (hoping to cheat their prize money LOL). I thought it was quite nice. Too bad not many people voted for his photograph. My best friend won this contest once, last year with a picture of KLCC nightview in the mist. As I clicked on the following pictures, guess which picture won the RM50?! A picture of a dog lying on the bonnet of his car!

Feel free to "Awww.." at the lazy dog LOL

And just last Thursday, after leaving the hospital, I caught 2 cats basking in the sun on someone's bonnet. I snapped a picture similarly to this Chin Kok Wai fella's. Pffttt.. I could have won too :P I think I should hunt these kind of contests to reveal my instantaneous photography skills. Otherwise it will go to waste LOL Oohhh, damn! Aren't I sour.

Why cannot see the face.. perhaps I wouldn't have won afterall LOL

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