Saturday, 13 September 2008

Boeing Confirmed

Nahhh.. I don't think we are stopping over at Tashkent!

Yes! Turkish and I have purchased our air tickets to Malaysia! Due to the overly-high price of Thai Airways, we resorted to Uzbekistan Airlines! We are very thankful to our lucky stars that we managed to get seats! The dates we are flying are..

23rd December 2008 - 13th January 2009

So that gives us nearly 3 weeks of vacation back home! For the sum of 2 tickets, we could buy 4 from Thai Airways. God knows why the prices so much exaggerated at this times, HIGH season it seems. Pffftttttt. We are set! Now we have to think about stuff to bring, number of luggages, our travels, my family/relatives, trips etc. Hahahahaa I am so happy :)

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