Tuesday, 16 September 2008

The Landlady

Quote of the Day : "NEVER trust your man until wedding bells ring" - Landlady's niece

You know what was weird. Shortly after I returned home today, the landlady (64 years old) and her niece (early-30s) showed up in our apartment. Turkish informed me last night and reminded me over sms earlier to expect them. I have heard stories about the landlady before, how she visits every 3 months to clean the house. Only this time, she brought an extra help.

I didnt know what to do but they did. We exchanged some words and I scurried into my room. I heard them work. Tap water running, some pail knocking, both of them discussing where to start etc. An hour later, I came out of my room to scout and I was shocked to see two ladies cleaning without their pants on! Hahahahaa I had to hold back myself from laughing at their asses. OMG. The landlady was in her grandma's undies, of course but her niece was wearing a yellow thong. I was speechless.

I couldn't look at them for too long. So on and off, I checked on them, made some chats in between. In fact, I really didnt want them to clean the house because they seemed to have messed things up. Trust me, Russian way of cleaning is totally different from Asian women. They use the same rag for the toilet, for the kitchen and same rag for the mirrors. Gross me out, man. The landlady was damn proud of her apartment, told me how many US$10,000 she spent on renovation.

"You don't even find these furniture in a hotel. Never".

"I love cleanliness, so should you".

"You are the lady of the house, you should try to keep clean".

"Look at this kitchen, isn't it a beauty".

I nodded to everything she said. Firstly, she is an old lady and secondly, it's true that the apartment is tiptop with European settings but mainly, I respected her because of her age. Her niece is soft spoken and polite, offered me a banana too. Hahahahaa offered me a banana when she was in her yellow thong. I really couldnt accept her generous offer. All in all, they cleaned for 4 hours. I didnt find the house exceptionally clean but they did take out a lot of unnecessary things.

They left 1/2 hour before Turkish returned from work. I wish he would have met them (with their pants on I mean) and perhaps gets some lecture like what I got from the landlady. She said she'll return in December with this, with that for the house. Hooks for coats, mats for floors, whatever. We won't be here but once thing's for sure.. we are going to lock our room door. She isn't coming in to clean our room with dirty rags!

Our landlady of the apartment which I stayed with Boss and Pisa? She never stepped into the house whenever she came, only stood at the front door for like 5-10minutes max to collect rentals and that was it. Usually it was just Pisa who handed her the "envelope", spoke to her loud-volume son for a bit and I never bothered to greet them half the time. Have you ever heard of a landlady who cleans for you? What an experience with this one :)

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