Friday, 26 September 2008

Flea Market

Quote of the day : "It's very old, verrrrrrrrrrrrrry old" - Anonymous flea marketeer

I seriously think there is something wrong with the Russians. Or their comprehension of foreign words. Turkish and I went to the so-called flea market, only to find it's more like an antique-gathering convention. Key word: antique. Antique comes with two numbers, its age and the price. So how can it be a flea market?

Art Project "THE FLEA MARKET" Exhibition-Fair

Flea markets are functions where people sell random items, could be old/new, just about anything imaginable, usable or useless stuff at cheap prices. Like in UK, easy 1pounders for adorable things. Maybe it's the currency exchange or the stall rentals at this T-Modul shopping center. At least they chould hold this 4 days at the beginning of the month when I have fresh load of money. Now it's already hitting the end, what more is left in my pocket :P

So in the end, we returned empty handed with aching eyes*.

*too many things to see

But, they really do have good stuff there. The decorative pieces, porcelains, junks from the 19th centuries (they cost a bomb) and of course, they sell newly manifactured goods as well. I don't know where they are found/made/stolen, it is really, most definitely unnecessary to be that expensive. The dolls and toys made today meant look like ancient fashion. Thus, the price is senseless. They are all very pretty and desirable though. OMG. Poor people like me cannot afford anything at all!! *sniff, sniff*

Puppets, muppets and more!

Stuff you can find in the malls also..

Now THESE are historical, look at the bunnies and the piggy!!
And hahahaha the blue pram must be damn stylo for its time ;)

Fooooshhh.. this elegant key is worth my 2 month pocket money

There was a cute key chain with a lacquered teddy, some dangling stones which I really liked. I asked the lady how much was it. She said with a smirk, "4". I confirmed with her, "400pyb?". She looked at me with the Are-You-Kidding? kind of look and said, "4000pyb" (US$160). I nodded, looked at it a bit more and bade the bear goodbye.

Thank God I am not an idiot*.

*I can control myself not to simple spend money

My camera ran out of batteries, I couldn't even take pictures for memory sake. Good thing because I might have a heartache (oohhh.. it rhymes LOL). For a 100pyb entrance fee, it was quite an experience because apart from getting cheated that this is a flea market, we got to see countless lovely items. The vendors are okay, no problem with us snapping pictures and we could touch everything we want. If these things are so expensive now, what are their numbers in the future?

Shades from the 60's.. so damn cute! ;)

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