Wednesday, 10 September 2008

I Wish..

.. money would come out of my ass like diarrhea!

No shit (no pun intended too) when I heard the price of Thai Airways.

52,000pyb PER ticket!!

That's like US$2015.. *slumps in disbelief*. Prices around Christmas and after New Year are called peak season. WTF. The ticket lady said better book now, otherwise I might have to pay more.

Why? Why?? Why???

I guess still have to buy right? It's not personal, it's because of the peak season and I have to come back for the ceremony on 3rd January. Turkish seems unmoved by it. 2 weeks for this amount of money, it makes my stay in Malaysia US$145/day for each of us. Imagine what I can do with that sum :(

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