Thursday, 11 September 2008

People Can Change

I just realised today marks 7 years post-September 11.

May victims of this horrifying event rest in peace, their friends and family members be well.

With the election frenzy going on in US, even though I am not involved, I would like to see Barack Obama win. I keep updates of the affair off and on but sometimes it's just impossible to miss the headlines. From there, you tend to read the small prints and process the news. Who's their President has nothing to do with me, for now but ultimately, it will affect the world.

I have never voted for my own country's elections actually LOL

Barack Obama's words seem to carry some weight. I've read many articles of him and I suppose America can give themselves a chance. I find Obama admirable for the changes he is determined to make and promises he wants to deliver.

He definitely has my vote.

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