Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Futile Efforts

I think similar events like today has happened before recently.. say 2-3 months back. As it is, I am ill and being a staff in the hospital who is not quite healthy makes me look bad to the patients. How ironic. So why am I so bothered and upset?

I am still an illegal in Moscow. Hmmm.. 16 days and counting.

I tried, I really tried but the warzone in the corridor on the 11th floor is bloody (packed). I saw the same juniors from yesterday, we had written our names on a list. So I expected name-calling kind of system. But no! A security guard was called to control the mob and even though the list was in his hand, he randomly pointed at whoever that pleases his sight! He didnt even wave at people close to him but the contrary.

Imagine one big, sweaty Arabic guy pushed his way through us. WTF.

The girl's tormented expression is priceless LOL

These Chinese guys were okay, the Masala armpits were baaadddd..

Oooohhh guess what. Farid Khan is here, definitely not to continue his studies or practise. I was quite surprised when someone from behind greeted me. I saw that Joker-smile. Somemore can tell me last year he had enough of Russia LOL I guess if I were to be able to con work for so much money, I wouldn't leave too. Hahahaa maybe I should just work for him. Double what he earns LOL

The next shitty thing was, I went all the way to Frunzenskaya Nabarezhnaya to check with Thai Airways about the date availabities (since they never answered my call yesterday). I found empty lots, planks and cement inside. There was a notice on the glass window of their new address. NEW ADDRESS. Sigh.

Stupid airlines..

So I decided to check out the shop in M.Belarusskaya LOL I shopped 2 bagfuls of kitchen and bathroom goodies! Hahahahaa the stretch of shops were at least 500m long. By the time I was satisfied with my purchases, it was past 6pm and Turkish was already home. He waited for me at the bus stop and we walked home together ;) Most prolly tomorrow we will go to the Thai Airways office!

I didn't get anything important done and this is the results..

A hole in my stocking!! LOL

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