Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Free Freedom

"Bayramınız Mübarek Olsun!"

This is how to greet
Selamat Hari Raya in Turkish. Malaysians offially celebrate tomorrow though. What? Russians? Hahahahaa no such holiday. My boyfriend is not too into the festival anyways, he was just glad that he has a day off so that we could go shopping! We went to Himki's MEGA/IKEA after I was done with the hospital ;)

Oohhh yes, to those who asked. My boyfriend's name is Tolga (in his native language, it means the warrior's helmet/old name for the Altai Mountains). It's just that old habits die hard and I've been calling him Turkish since Day 1. Even his number on my phone book is saved under that name :P And yes, he is Muslim but he doesn't like to be strictly regarded as one due to zero religious practice and his country has no official religion or whatsoever unlike Malaysia.

Example, if one day I do marry Turkish.. don't react what most Malaysians would because I don't have to convert. Or for a man, his dick will get cut off. As much as I am dying to be a Fatimah or Tatasusila, I won't get that chance *sniff, sniff* and I don't have cover myself from head to toe and then feed under that black piece of veil. They have what you call secular democracy or liberal Muslims. It's just like that. Simple :)

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