Monday, 1 September 2008

First Day

Quote of the Day : “A patient’s history is not a joke” - Dr. Netrunenko

It really wasn’t bad at all. I thought I’d die from embarrassment with my half-tank Russian but I did fine. I showed up at the Dermatology Department a few minutes to 9am sharp. Almost all the other Ordinatura were waiting outside Dr.Olga Olisova’s room. I scanned at the presented, all females except one lone ranger male. Even then, he’s slightly effeminate. Maksim and I have become best friends LOL

I may be exaggerating but I caught a few of my peers looking at me as though there’s a mushroom sticking out on my left cheek. Pfftttt. We were briefed by Dr.Olga Olisova (usual information, attire, schedule, minor rules etc), then individually assigned to different professors. We call them our curator, to be exact. Hehehee mine is Prof.Kochergin and he is the one who taught us this subject in 4th Year. He’s a big fan of Whoopi Goldberg. Serious.

Where I will be for the next 2 years!

Some of my colleagues

This girl always caught me with my camera LOL

Dr.Olga Olisova before sending us to the gallows our Professors

Ooohhh guess what. I ain’t the only foreign in this batch. There is A-ya from Turkmenistan. She is super nice! You know, her specialisation is in Paediatric Cardiology (Layman’s term=Children’s heart) back in her country. I was shocked at the shift of her field, she explained that her government decides what a graduate practices. They are placed where needed. Interesting. A-ya appears helpful and caring to me. When we were explained about the procedures to clerk a patient’s history, for example, A-ya doesn’t hesitate to repeat or point them out to me, like make sure I fully understand.

But then again, it’s only the first day.

Who knows, she’ll get so sick of me, “Go away and stop disturbing me!”.

Hahahaha could happen.

A-ya, Maksim, (a good number of others) and I will start at the Male Ward. We’ve already seen quite a few patients with nasty skin diseases and oddly, I tried covered my nose and stood 2-3 feet away from them. I will try to be more professional in future :P I really appreciate that my Russian counterparts kinda watch out for me. We have some sort of a Monitor in our batch. Her name is Marta. She’s petite, blonde and her features remind me of a fish. Hehehee she’s very sweet also.

I guess my first day of my 2-year stay in Russia turned out extremely positive. I can confirm it by the feeling of wanting to return to the hospital tomorrow ;) That itself means something. And to double the happiness, I received an sms from Khairimi earlier in the evening! She and Fared are getting married next month! She wrote how she wishes for Jason, Reena and I to be there. I wish too. It would be awesome. OMG. Khairimi and Fared! Congratulations! :)


Hannan said...

darling.. u did it!
big hug n congratulation!

W1 said...

":all females except one lone ranger male"

lucky or unlucky?

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Thank you, Hannan! :)

Hahahaa I don't think so. Like I said, he's rather effeminate.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

The one lone ranger male is married LOL