Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Hallway Horror

Quote of the Day : “ Ooohhh, got boyfriend already. No wonder so tame” - Jimmy Pillai (Junior)

I am basically an illegal in Moscow because I haven’t registered for more than 3 days since my arrival into the country. Word is, there is a new law stating the fine per day is 2000pyb (roughly US$68). Uhhmm.. I’ve been back for more than a week LOL I did go to the Dean’s Office a couple of times but the queue outside the Registration/Visa room was too damn long!

So today, I finally gave in and like an itchy ass with no hands to scratch, I dropped by the 11th Floor. BIG mistake. I didn’t even get near the door. I couldn't even breathe. Some fellas' armpits stank of rotten potatoes. I have no idea how MMA is so freaking stupid. With the fees Malaysian students alone are paying, it’s enough to buy them a country but why the hell is the corridor so narrow?

Hopefuls wanting to enter the first room (on the right)

A better picture of it

Hahahahaa I got shove into the opposite room

Highlight was, I saw many juniors. Hahahahaa the now-6th Year like Jia Yu, Christina, Meng Hwa, Yun Wen, Shing Ni, Shirley and others were shocked to see my face. Christina went white as though she had saw my ghost. Then comes the part which I have been trying to avoid; answering to their curiosities. I was glad to hear that Yun Wen is interested to be an Ordinatura after graduation though. She is seriously considering and she says since I’m here also, it accounts for something. Hehehehe does it.

Mior told me he was supposed to pay like gazillion of roubles because he returned from Italy or was it France since mid-July and has yet to register. Today is his second attempt. Lucky for him, he spoke to one of the ladies in the Registration/Visa room and was told to pay for a day only. I think it might be applicable for me too, in this case. I hope. I mean if I have to pay the same amount for the delay sooner nor later, why get involved in the war going on right. I might as well return in a week or two to settle.

I can’t remember who said, “Moscow is nice but I don’t want to face this every time *points at the sardine-packed corridor*”. Uhhmmm.. but I think his judgement must be pretty impaired. Out of 10 months you stay in Moscow for the goodies, just one or two days of getting smashed for your Registration/Visa is not to say unfair what LOL


Hannan said...

registration in moscow is like fighting for ur life....

Sharini said...

the dekanat is one thing i will NOT miss about moscow..

all d best with your course!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

I still havent registered. Illegal for 14 days and counting LOL

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Thank you, Sharini :)