Thursday, 25 September 2008

Art Tools

Quote of the day : "You don't look like someone who studies hard" - Ong Xin Xian

I was really inspired to start painting again after reading my best friend's Wake Up post. I used to paint in High School, I loved those days! I was the only student in full Science stream who took Arts as an extra paper for SPM (O'Levels). I scored an A1 for it ;) I think I should have gone to study Arts, Design or something of that sort. But then again, a hobby is a hobby. Why change it to a career? :)

Turkish brought me to an art shop called 3 Color this evening. It's located around the corner at M.Chistyie Prudy, on the side streets of Gusyatnikov Pereulok. I should have brought my Buncho, brushes and artblocks from Malaysia. Unfortunately, my luggages were overweight with them. The colour tubs are pretty heavy. I had to leave them behind *sniffles*. These art materials are available in Moscow, of course.. only more costly than back home.

3 Color - Shop for designers, artists and architects

The shop is surprisingly small. The colours, palettes, brushes, papers etc are displayed behind the counters so the negative point is, you don't get to touch or feel them as you like. Can't exactly make a connection with every item before purchase. Around the shop, there are showcases with VERY expensive and branded art pencils, acrylics, oil pastels. It's like Versace for clothes. I'm not sure about the market price here since they are always exaggerated.

Modest sets of 9ml and 18ml acrylic tubes for starters

Own a sexy set of colour pencils that costs 32,480pyb (US$1295)..
IMPOSSIBLE for your art to look like shit! Everything WILL look good!

The brush section..
Fox fur, dog fur, wild boar hair, squirrel's, synthetic, you name it

Turkish is always supportive in everything I do. He has been trying to get me start back with simple stuff to get the old wheels running. My hands are prolly so rusty, I don't need brown colour. Just shed them off my fingers! *lame joke*. So we spent almost an hour in the shop, figuring what to buy. Nothing pricy but not so cheap until the colours don't show, brushes fall apart or papers tear. In the end, we grabbed a box of pencil-Aquarelle with basic colours, a packet of 3 brushes and a block of A4-sized hot pressed papers ;)

I know it doesn't look professional at all LOL
Damn bunny on my brush pack looks like a joke

And with these, I'm sooooooo ready to carry out my hobby again! :)


xacan said...

gorgeous, yes our classes like this, building also....nice & modern. are you still in moscow? thank you for visiting my blog. keep enojoying my blogging:)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Let me guess.. you're studying at RUDN? :)