Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Think Cheese

Quote of The Day : “This piece of cheesecake is a shame” - Turkish

After a dreadful day at the hospital, I was dying by 2pm. It's not because of the workload but more like my biological clock isn't quite adjusted to the new schedule. For 2 months I was lala-ing and sleeping till noon, doesn't take a genius to wonder. Plus at the hospital, there are many patients and as it is, these males aren’t good-looking so what else is left when they have patches/blotches/ulcers on their bodies.

Turkish tried to keep my chin up by bringing me around the city. He wanted to show me Zurab Tsereteli’s Museum (the Mayor honoured him a historical building for free to display his works) but unfortunately, it was closed for renovation. Re-open tomorrow. How suey! (Hokkien=bad luck). So we took a long stroll from Sadovaya all the way to Old Arbat! It was quite pleasant, the breeze and all the eateries along that strip.

I was craving for pizza the entire evening LOL We had Sbarro’s. Either this outlet or the brand is no good no more. The base was hard and dry, the top fell off easily. But then again, the top Hawaiian Pizza in the world for me is from Pizza Hut (back then). It was amazing. I had a Soup of the Day, it was yummy. Spinach Cream Soup! After that, we went to Starbucks according to plan.. for our dessert treat!

My (Our) first time at the first Starbucks in Russia.

Hahahahaa the Russian spelling makes it look so funny

I can’t remember when exactly it opened. Maybe a year ago or less than a year ago but I definitely remember the craze. Almost every Malaysian dropped in for a cuppa. It was like a historical event having to sip Starbucks, taking pictures while posing with the coffee. Hahahahaa of course, no escape in posting them on Facebook. Tagging faces of fellow friends in the picture was also inevitable :P I had a Vanilla Latte and New York Cheese Cake. The drink was good. The cheese cake was miserable in size but tasted fine. Turkish was happy with his White Choc Mocha and Muffin.

I had no choice. THIS is mine LOL

With Turkish's name written on it LOL

See how Starbucks appreciate its customers :)


vonyen said...

hey there... goodluck in ur 2-years course there..:)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hey, hey! Thank you, Von Yen. Good luck in your housemanship too!