Saturday, 6 September 2008

Slava's Snow Show

Quote of the Day : “I wish our kids will be able to see them in future” - Turkish

Our long awaited Saturday finally arrived ;)

Last week, we bought tickets for one of the shows by Slava Polunin, the most famous clown on the planet (so I read and heard). He held a 11-day Congress of Fools in Moscow and we had to see the Snow Show. Turkish kept our tickets like the talisman together with his passport, Slava Polunin had to be good. Our pricing was the cheapest yet they cost 1980pyb (US$77.70) per ticket.

One of the few heavily advertised poster I've ever seen!

Since the Snow Show was at 8pm, we went to the centre to check out the preparations for Moscow's 861st birthday on Sunday (tomorrow). Several events took place on today itself, like the Police Relay Race, Boxing Competition in Kremlin, Children's Musical Band and others. We also went to the post office HQ to send Fats a birthday card LOL His birthday is on 22 September. I do it every year, just send 2 weeks earlier so it (hopefully) reaches his doorstep on time!

Look how empty the roads are!

Showprice Production Event Engineering trucks wehh LOL

Turkish thinks I wouldn't beat him with this face LOL

A historical telegraph/post office behind us :)

Pray arrive safely to Singapore!

We headed to M.Vorobyevy Gori to explore its forest. I, like a big Hero suggested Sparrow Hills to Turkish :P You see, the first and last time I was there for 2008's countdown. Shameless to admit, I was lala-fied and can't remember much except for a few facts. A lot of Malaysians, a lot of Red Wine and a lot of screaming (from me LOL). And I have always wanted to see the place properly since then. Turkish liked it, though the view from the Lookout Point wasn't breathtaking or anything because Moscow is extremely polluted and hazy :(

Turkish and I *snicker*

Turkish works at the developing Moscow City

Bloody biaaaatch.. spoiling my picture with her fat fingers!

A pair of jivin' newlyweds, live band and bystanders

And then.. we spotted this weird breed of dog/rat! Damn!

We got to the Natalya Satz's Musical Theatre for Children (behind the circus in M.Universitet) an hour early to check out the scene. When we got there, it was a ruckus! There were so much ongoings, clowns/Slava's staff in yellow costumes playing pranks on anyone within 2 feet away, swaying yellow banners and balloons, a huge Dromedre and blasting music! It was quite like a carnival minus the rides LOL They weren't exactly clowns, clowns but cheeky men (and women) in yellow outfits! We really couldnt wait for the Snow Show to start.

Their costume reminds me of boobs, lots of 'em LOL

The crew

We caught Slava Polunin himself!
Turkish eyes are closed, Slava's got the hood..
They make ME look weird!

Getting into the theatre..

No camera allowed during the show.. I was caught by security LOL

Turkish and I got pretty good seats on the balcony. The theatre was full house. And you know what, we saw spectators standing on the steps. They must have bribed or something.. I mean how else? The lightings were dominantly blue in colour, the carpet ground was scattered with white confetti. The show started and the hall shook with thunderous applause. We watched, and watched..

The 1 1/2 hour turned into something else.

The reviews were right, so damn right. We were very lucky to be able to watch the legendary Slava Polunin's Snow Show. It was beautiful. They aren't your average clowns. The whole team is something else. Their performances had depth, simple and funny antics but Slava's last act ultimatum was the act that took my breath away. I think my heart stopped beating altogether. His expression and the music combined and the bright lights and the gush of "snow"! I can't understand how I cried, but it was really that beautiful.

I don't think they will ever be another time in the theatre where the audiences become part of the show. I saw how adults became children, I witnessed a grown man scooping a mountful of confetti from the ground and threw them at random others, children doing the same, trying to burst bubbles metres above them, the scene itself was alive. The audiences closer to the stage got drenched from the water sprinkler by the clowns, yet they laughed without feeling displeased. Turkish and I enjoyed our view.

Look at the ruckus! The green costume, T-shaped fellas are the clowns

After the finale, gigantic balloons burst out from the backdrops

Ooooof.. I wish I have more words to describe how I felt :)

Slava Polunin. Good man!

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