Sunday, 7 September 2008

Moscow 861st

It's amazing how Turkish and I can integrate to celebrating local holidays. Today marks the 861st Anniversary of Moscow, and we made a trip to Pushkinskaya Square. When I first came here for my Pre-Medical course, I was damn irritated with the Russian language teacher who kept repeating, "Moscow was founded in 1147".

And I see what a huge holiday it is for them. First, Turkish and I took our own sweet time to Starlite Diner at M.Mayakovskaya (we love that branch). I hada Fruit Parfait for breakfast for the first time. Berry nice ;) For some reasons, the veranda was packed with families and kids. There was a table behind us with 3 tables joined! Lots of pram, difficult for the poor waitress to serve.

Talk of the town!

Turkish gobbling his Egg Sandwich away LOL

I guess it was sort of like a semi-parade, semi-promotion kind of thing going on to be exact. Tents for newspapers and magazines suscription were lined surrounded the Pushkin Statue. Then of course, there were many merchandise stalls too, from fancy wigs of neon pink to traditional embroidery cushions of floral designs. And they weren't wrong to say that Moscow is freaking diverse ;)

What a paparazzi shot! Top this, Soo Lynnie :P

Yes, I was more or less on the same spot yesterday LOL

They don't know its 10 bucks short of a scam :P

Some Sumo-wrestling activity going on..

I was trying to Lomo the girls in Russian village costumes

Teaching the city folks how to use the samovar

We wandered around aimlessly, with bloated tummies LOL There were many stages set up at different locations, with hours of performances either by school children or talented musicians. Turkish was particularly drawn to a jazz band at the sidestreet. Something was going on at every corner of Moscow. I mean, the authorities themselves were quite a sight. The policemen/-women and truckloads of OMOH (some Special Police Squad, or fondly known to Pisa as "Flying Tiger Team" :P). Security at times like this is anal tight. We walked across the Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street to the Tchaikovsky Moscow Conservatory. Goodness.. you could paint, get your hands of artsy-fartsy handicrafts for free! It was lovely. We just looked though, there were too many people in line waiting to pop a squat ;)

2 days of spotting a dog/rat kind of species *frowns*

At the conservatoire, funny that accordions were used mostly

Hoochie mamas trying out papercutting art

I found the object hilarious.. look closely and you'd see they are dying

How to miss the Bhangra dances ;)

Beginning of a new week tomorrow.. abelehhhh!


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