Sunday, 21 September 2008

Bowl Cups

Quote of the day : "I tamed you, what's left is fine-tuning" - Turkish

This late afternoon, Turkish and I went to Costa Coffee for tea time (or rather coffee time LOL). Located on the Pushkin Square, it is Costa Coffee's 1000th chain/first outlet in Moscow. Honestly, Starbucks turned out to be quite a flop for us. We were there twice but for some reasons, we just didnt feel so comfortable and coffee wasn't such a big shoutout anyway.

As for Costa Coffee, we give it two thumbs up! It was a coincidence how we discovered this place. Last week, Turkish and I went to
jalan-jalan in that area. I caught the sight of a few girls drinking from the take-away cartons, I remembered that my ex-groupmates have mentioned about its existance before! We charged inside to find its interior so cozy, with reasonable prices for yummy drinks and desserts. I had a Latte (typical ol' me) and a Brownie to go with while Turkish had Mocha and Lemon Drizzle Muffins. I am glad we became satisfied customers :)

The barista who handled our brew

We were actually served, no self-service here

QC* Queen anytime, anywhere (*quality-control)

Scam: Free gift after every 6th cup! (what else but coffee LOL)

Hehehee I can't recall what was so funny

Being a pest when Turkish read the newspaper :P

We spent quite a while on the couch before heading to the famous Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. We caught a poster of Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra's World Festival Choir on the street. I was attracted to the title Requiem (like Alien vs Predator: Requeim :P) so we went to fulfill my curiousity. Turkish told me the Requiem is a famous piece by Verdi and since I have never been to an orchestra before.. guess what?

We bought 2 tickets!

We are going to Verdi's Requiem!

I will attend a classical concert for the first time!

It's definitely a huge event. In fact, a ONE NIGHT ONLY affair. It's on the 24th September meaning next Wednesday. OMG.. what am I going to wear? What am I going to wear? Turkish shrugged and said, "Nothing too fancy, just be neat". I guess he is right. I look forward for it. already My bigger concern is that, I need to keep my eyes open and avoid falling asleep. Who knows right :P

Aaaahhhh.. good stuff, good stuff!

24th September at 1900.. here we come!


Emonix said...

I think Starbucks for a lot of Americans is a "status drink". While it's true that the comfort and ambience will attract a lot of customers (most alternative coffee stores and cafes are utilizing this aspect), Starbucks has been a "brand product", much like the fact that people fork out thousands to get a Coach bag where other much cheaper bags are, in my opinion, better or the same.

Hannan said...

now got new english newspaper in moscow is it?
lots have change i guess :)

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

It's all about the brand, Kor. In the beginning I thought the C letters on the bag was even a lower knock-off of Gucci. Who knows right, maybe some production error.. little did I know. Coach bags LOL

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

And yes, darling. Moscow Times is out of style, it got thinner and no news on Sports anymore. Moscow News is THE paper in town. Want me to post you an issue? ;)

Hannan said...

bring back one issue when u r coming to visit me on ur holiday!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hehehee I'll try ;)