Monday, 8 September 2008

Our Plans

Quote of the Day : "Of course better for you to sit home, you're ill" - Aya

Guess what! Turkish and I are arranging to visit Malaysia at the end of December till mid-January! Okay.. more like for him to visit :P Mummy suggested during the summer holidays that if possible, she would like my return in January because of a very important event on the 3rd.

I'm not entirely sure of the event, but the importance is that it will be held at the Tan Association in Penang. Yes, my surname is Tan. There will be prayers for Daddy, something like shifting his place to the Tan Ancestry altar. Really big event. It will also be my first time attending a gathering with 100s of Tan that will be present on that day. Hehehee I teased Turkish that he won't be allowed in. It's for members only ;)

Oof. My nose is blocked. I can't breathe properly. Even Turkish isn't feeling to good. We have been popping vitamins and the anti-oxidant, Selenium pills taste like piss. Seriously. Oooohhh.. if everything goes well, we are most likely fly on Thai Airways..

26th December 2008 - 11th January 2009

2 weeks of local holidays!
That also means countdown for 2009 in Malaysia! (where? where?? LOL). Hahahahaa I think we will ronda-ronda in Malaysia only.. Turkish has been to Thailand and Singapore before. Not surprising, many people seem to leave out the country in between. You know what is so funny. Turkish who is the foreigner has made a list of where we could tour in Kuala Lumpur! He listed Persiaran Titiwangsa, Valentine Willie Fine Art, Islamic Art Gallery, Sutra House, KLCC Aquaria, The Planetarium, Lake Gardens, Orchid Garden, Bird Park etc :P

Hahahaha yes, we will!

I'm more excited for an island trip! That'll be really nice!


Emonix said...

Have fun goin back ... maybe one of these days I might consider going back but chances are slim.

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Ehhh.. that'd be awesome! You know what, Turkish and I have plans to visit US next summer. The east coast ;) I'm hoping it really happens so I can come bunk in your place.. I mean.. visit you LOL