Friday, 5 September 2008

Independent Woman

Quote of the Day : “The most important thing is trust” - Michael

I met up with Joanna this evening!

Aaahhh.. she stayed back in Moscow to be an Ordinatura too, in the MMA’s Paediatric Hospital. She did mention about this after we graduated. I felt relieved to know I have company :) She also brought me to her workplace in M.Kitai-Gorad to introduce me to her boss, Michael. It’s a language centre and Joanna’s been teaching English for about a year now.

My interest in teaching English works like an extra-curricular activity. The starting pay is nothing but Michael explained as time goes by, it increases and with bonuses and private students calling, there’s a lot of sugar in the dough. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or bad that the students are adults only. They comprise of employees/-ers, professionals and CEOs from Moscow’s corporate sectors wanting to learn/ speak/ practise English.

Problem is, the schedule is from 7-9pm. They come in after work.

So does Turkish. That’s why I felt disappointed after hearing. I would like to spend time with him, be it indoors or scouting the city in these 2 hours. Actually that’s what we do and to take that away.. I don’t think I’ll take the job. I thought this work can fill my time from after hospital till Turkish is done with his (around 3-6pm). Also, if I join.. I would like to be committed since Michael and his staff are really nice. Joanna makes it sound fun too.

We left the centre, waited for Turkish and had a light dinner together at City Pizza. Hehehee Joanna repeated a couple of times, “It was verrrrrry nice meeting you!” to Turkish. Joanna is very friendly so conversation was flowing freely and I was pleased to see them chatting when I returned from the washroom. I wasn’t close to Joanna when we were in the Academy, being different group and all. But it’s never too late to start, is it? :)

OMG. Turkish was right! I look like a poodle LOL

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