Sunday, 14 September 2008

Zurab Tsereteli

Quote of the Day : "He's a living legend" - Turkish

A monument always bear a significant meaning, not just a display to awe the visitors. Most times, we know which is where but not very often do we further enquire, by who. I was greatly impressed by the works and the contributions of a great man. Years of passing by the gallery, to and fro for class, I never made an attempt to drop by but Turkish opened my eyes today, to the world-reknowned sculptor, painter and architect called Zurab Tsereteli.

The Tsereteli Art Gallery is located near M.Krapotkinskaya (can take the trolleybus from there). It exhibits a collection of Greek plasters from the Pushkin Museum and of course, his own crafts which we estimated, a 1000 pieces, if not more. His bronze sculptures are very unique, they are similar in proportion and eye pattern. His enamel and glass paintings are made of yellow mostly, double-outlined and carelessly done. His mosaic arts are beautiful too. I particularly like his version of the Devil from the Bible LOL Quite the stylish-mofo.

Adam and Eve

Not sure if it's God or Jesus with the Devil

Yes, I steal bags LOL

Turkish and I at the enamel paintings section

Archimedes, Petr I (background left) and Christopher Columbus (right)

Turkish told me that the Mayor of the City gave this historical building for him as a present. And it's definitely a bloody big presentlorrr.. we spent 3 hours inside and that also we never truly looked at each and everyone of them. I realised in a year, he created 10-20 paintings. And you wonder how we estimated the numbers. We really loved the sculptures and the miniatures of memorial buildings. After I found out that he constructed the Tear of Grief monument, I admired his works even more! Good man!

Look how huge the murals are (well, the apple tree too!)

Zurab Tsetereli adores apples..
He also wrote that it was a blessing that Adam and Eve ate it

Tear of Grief monument for the victims of September 11 attack

What a godly sculpture of himself :)
And in the background are all his works!


Hannan said...

I was too busy studying in moscow
forgot to visit these kind of placess... sighhhh

what a waste..

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Did you even like these kind of places? If you didnt.. I don't think it's such a waste! LOL