Monday, 15 September 2008

Not Alone

Quote of the Day : "I guess we are special" - Maksim

The kid's diagnosed with Streptodermia

I cannot emphasize on how lucky I feel to be able to work with Aya and Maksim. Both of them are so kind and helpful. It's the 3rd week now and they still watch out for me, ask me along whenever they head to the Physiotherapy room or do a biopsy. They correct me if I speak with mistakes, try to understand what big words I try to use LOL They are just so nice :)

Unlike the "Gang", like about 4-5 of them aren't friendly and I feel like kicking one of them especially. Her name is Tamara, a greyish-blondie with uneven curls, always in Chanel heels and a LV handbag. She looks like she got a nose job done and next, she's gonna go for silicon lips. Why do I dislike her so?

1. She blocked me on purpose when we were cross-referring a patient

2. She refused to give way when I was trying to pass to the front desk

3. She looks damn irritating with her small nose and overly-thin lips

Tamara seems to be the leader of the pack. Then there are the Two Sisters. Both have dirty blonde hair, one of them look like Heroes' Nikki/Jessica Sanders (Ali Larter) and the other is quite pretty. They were never nasty to me, appear educated and polite but they are truly mixing with the wrong crowd.

Anyways, I simply feel grrrrrreat today :) On Wednesday, Iasonas and Prof.Kochergin will attended the 5-day Dermatology conference in Paris. I WANT TO GO TOO but as it is, I am still an illegal immigrant, best to stay put in the country LOL Nope, I haven't attempted to register again. I can't be botheredlahhh.. having to struggle with others at the corridor.

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