Sunday, 28 September 2008

Second Opinion

Quote of the day : "Just started my career, cannot get married yet" - Eugene Chong

Big, big sign along Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street

You know what! Contemporary art is really not bad! I never had the taste for their works but our visit to gave me a whole different feeling. I felt good, I felt happy! It was incredible how every piece which hung on the white walls of the gallery started to move me. Not to say all of themlahhhh because some pieces made me frown from disapproval. Some pictures are soooooo cute! I had a very strong urge to steal create them LOL

The hall of Konstantin Zvezdochetov
His artwork on Soviet caricature-comics is classical

Still, the ideas implemented on the artworks are different from many contemporary art exhibitions I have been to. At least doesn't derive too far from humanity or a normal person's psychological state of mind. Or mine, most importantly. We should have dropped by this place long time back! I was actually attracted to paintings solely created from monochrome tones. Good thing is, their presentation isn't as radical or mind-boggling.

The Embroideress by Dennis Egelsky
This is one beautiful painting.. I went around it 2-3x

The Fall of New Babylon by Dimitri Plavinsky
I recognised the newspaper cuttings on 9/11 attacks

Soviet Union's great emblem!
Hammer for industrialisation and sickle for agriculture
But what's with the mustard-coloured coat, man? LOL

The setting of is comfortable, brightly lit and I liked that the main hall is carpeted with artificial grass. Artificial grass! Shall I do that to my apartment floor! Thumbs up that their description labels include English too, so at least you won't feel so clueless if confronted with a senseless painting LOL Oooohhh, I love Moscow. You can find anything, everything on art (of every form) in the city. Plus I have a boyfriend who shares my interests with passion.

Oleg Vsilev's World of Darkness (I find them mysterious)
Clockwise: Tropics, High Water, Night Road and Tishina

Hahahahaa the washroom walls looks filthy
They even provide marker pens for you to scribble

Yes. My alter-ego is Peeping Jenny LOL

What else, what else. The current exhibition they are holding are sketches from Aleksei Sundukov. Guess what, we saw him in action! In the exhibition hall, we noticed a pony-tailed guy getting his groove on the canvas with a mechanical pencil. He was working on a huge piece. We stood around to obeserve him but after looking at the hundredth sketches on display.. we couldn't look at them no more. The fine, pencil line drawn to perfection made me woozie. They have samples of the project on their website.

More of the stuff I found interesting!

Man's basic needs LOL
Food, sex, toilet. Repeat. No offence.

Aleksei Sundukov himself! :)

Before I close this post, there is a video clip. I'd like to dedicate this to my friends who miss Moscow or do reminisce about the life here. I know Pisa, you're gonna love this one. The city, Kremlin, security guards, boobs and nightlife. How to say no to feng-tau music LOL

DJ Smash - Moscow Never Sleeps


wicrap said...

I cant tolerate such discrimination.

we r more than that.

We need
Food , sex, toilet.....and sleep!!!

Hannan said...

so many interesting places and lots of stuff to be done in moscow
and yet a lot of students complains that moscow is boring....
sighh.. !

Come to my house for raya ok!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Hahahahaa I guess sleep is included in the sex part, no need to so until so detailed, Leed Wi :P

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

And Hannan.. I would totally love to come to your house for raya. Save some ketupat for me and if I can't make it, save duit raya on my behalf LOL

Krissie said...

ketupat??? i want!! haha..yealo...Moscow seems so fun!!!

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Then you knowlahhh, Kris. Syiok-syiok go to open houses and collect some ketupat for me LOL