Thursday, 4 September 2008

Special Case

Quote of the Day : “It’s too much, re! There are too many peysions (patients)!!” - Iasonas

We attended a special meeting called “Obhot” around noon time.

It was pretty interesting because undiagnosed/ unidentified/ untreatable patients are brought in to discuss with the highest-ranking Professors in the hospital. Yesterday was with Prof.-Dr.Sergei (there are 2 Dermatology Academician in the country and he’s one of them.. basically he’s god) but today it was with Prof.-Dr.Ivanov (also another big shot, very well know in our field).

Many patients were presented by the 2nd Year Ordinaturas. No wonder they are undiagnosed LOL Someday in future, I might be in their shoes (hopefully not!). So what Prof.-Dr.Ivanov did was, listened to the patient’s brief information, asked a few questions, looked closely to the skin with his magnifying glass (I couldn’t take him seriously, however an expert he may be :P) and then gave his diagnosis plus treatment. We shall know soon if the patient got better.

Good thing my pony-tailed peer is covering the patient's chest

I haven’t been taking pictures of myself. I don’t know how my peers would react to my love for photography. I don’t feel comfortable being seen snapping around or asking any of them to do it for me. I really don’t think the Russians understand, or maybe they do. I mean, I have seen pictures of local camwhores on Friendster/Facebook.

Oooohhh, Marta our Monitor is really cute. She speaks in Russian to me so slowly as if I’m retarded. Hahahaha then she’d ask (out of 100% concern), “Do you understand?”. Hey, at least they care *rofl*.

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