Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Lousy Pick

Quote of the Day : "You don't be their (Ah Hwa and Guan Yong's) mamasan okay" - Victor

I should be in Paris right now. How nice if I were. Nevermind that, I had a fairly easy day today. Late afternoon, I had a catch up session with Hwong which was really pleasant. He told me he was kinda worried not knowing my whereabouts and added, what if I get depressed, like I have no one to turn to.

OMG. I was so touched by his concern. I assured him everything else could upset me as long as Turkish doesn't. I assured him that we are having a really good time together and then Hwong said, "Your boyfriend is soft spoken and polite, you don't bully him you know". Hahahahaa everyone seems to advise me that. I can't believe that it's so obvious that I am the meanie.

Soup Cafe: Dom 62, 1-Brestskaya Street

Me being Jolly Polly about Soup Cafe.. little did I know..

Turkish took me out for dinner today. I agreed to check out the Soup Cafe which is located near M.Belorusskaya (brown line exit). Magazine reviews wrote that they are good, comfortable and affortable. I must say this is one of the few times that we can't agree with their words. I wouldn't say that the soups sucked, perhaps I made the wrong selection. Out of the list of maybe 20 soups, mine was Seafood Cream and Turkish had Potato Cream & Shrimps. His was really yummy.

So we exchanged bowls! LOL

Food was sooooo bad.. I cried LOL

Well, Turkish said my Seafood Cream tasted alright. What else did we have, Chicken Salad and another order of Vegetarian Quesadillas. I have never had such baaaaad Quesadillas before. It was only wrapped with pieces of mushrooms and cheap Parmesan.


I couldnt be bothered with the rest of the pieces, the waitress didn't even collect the plate until I told her to get them out of my sight. I tried not to bitch about the food and the place, really. We left and I felt 1000pyb went down the drain. The soup pots in the kitchen should too :(

What cheered me up was Turkish's story about a rat he saw (when he was coming to meet me) earlier. He passed by the churchyard, with construction going on nearby and saw a huuuuuuge sewer rat. The size of the rat he showed made me laugh so hard, I nearly coughed out the shrimps LOL

Turkish isn't much of a liar nor does he exaggerate (totally the opposite of me) but I really couldn't buy his story. He even said, "The birds flew away when the rat ran into the bushes!". Hahahahaa it has to be some mutant rat like Splinter from TMNT :P

The rat was THIS size, without the tail (Turkish is too cute LOL)

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