Monday, 15 September 2008

Grabli Grubs

Since I moved in with Turkish, either we have been dining outside more or less. Maybe same frequency like before.. I never actually count. I feel we have patronised new restaurants but how come I have stopped writing about them. Anyhoo, I can't miss this one - Grabli.

We went to the branch near M.Tretyakovskaya, it was pretty spontaneous. We passed by it and I was overwhelmed by the resturant's interior design. It's a fastfood joint like Moo Moo, only higher priced and more fancy. I was spoilt by choice, I wanted to eat everything on display. OMG. I couldnt take my eyes away from the decorations on the ceiling, yet I couldnt wait to pick my food!

This was what I had, from partial selection of the counter

Turkish went wild with his beef "drumstick" and veges

I totally fell in love with the chandeliers made of black steel. The lamps and the hanging plants along the banisters. The whole place was so green, artistic.. I wonder how the other outlets look like. Okay, food was reasonably delicious. I don't have much say about the price because I would really love to return to enjoy its interiors! ;)

OooOohhh.. damn pretty, right?

The staircase.. first time seeing a 3-floor fastfood joint this huge

The folks sitting opposite us, sooooo green!


Hannan said...

always go to grabli at kievskaya
miss the food a lot.
and the green deco of course

Gorgeous Ol' Eve Loves Vanilla. You? said...

Really?? I'll check out the one in Kievskaya sometime :)